Castiron Kennels

Our goal is to help NAPSA establish a self-sustaining population of Picardy Spaniels in North America. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with breeders around the world to acquire Picardy Spaniels with good genetics, solid hunting instincts and a cooperative demeanor. Manny, our foundation stud, came to us from Eric Chivot in France. Cleo, our foundation bitch, came to us from Di Nadolph in Austria. Remi, our second bitch, came to us from Todd & Wendy Shury in Canada. And Whiskey, our youngest bitch, came to us from Laura Giovannini in Germany.

Ric, Ellen and their Picardy Pack live in New Glarus, WI, just 25 minutes southwest of Madison. Throughout his life, Ric has owned, trained and hunted Gordon Setters, Small Munsterlanders, and for the past 5 years, Picardy Spaniels. Ellen has an extensive background in animal genetics and a PhD in Reproductive Physiology. She bred and trained Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs prior to Picardy Spaniels.